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Ruby Roo Saddles was created for the purpose of bringing exciting elements to the Pony Saddle market. These elements include inventive cantle fabrics, velcro cantle fabrics for more choice, and a variety of colors and designs.

As the President and Designer of Borné Saddlery, LLC, I understand how thrilling it can be for clients to have power over their personal choices when purchasing a saddle, while still paying attention to fit for their horses. Our saddles have been thoughtfully manufactured with synthetic wool flocking and adjustable gullet plates at affordable pricing.

Ruby is our favorite Unicorn and the fantasy horse for so many kids! Our website is designed to tap into your child's imagination adding excitement in in a variety of ways for your little equestrian.

Looking forward, we will be adding interactive areas for your kids on our website such as new products, saddle fitting training, and social networking with other kids. Please be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest information as we continue to evolve.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to hear from you!

Karen Borné, Manager