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Disco Dancer Deep Seat Dressage

Disco Dancer Deep Seat Dressage

This saddle is covered in soft cowhide allowing for that "broken-in" feeling from the start, giving kids more contact and grip. The Disco Dancer Deep Seat Dressage is suitable for Tweens ready for some serious close connection and contact with a larger, sculpted exterior block. Perfect for some big moving horses or ponies. Real to feel that security? This is your saddle!

  • Color: Black
  • Gullet: 15 3/4 cm width
  • Tree: Polypropylene (Plastic) tree, trigger stirrup bar
  • Leather: Softy Cowhide
  • Panel: Synthetic Wool Flocked
  • Girth Straps: Chrome Leather, Y-Billet
  • Large Exterior Blocks
  • Cantle: Comes automatically with a Black Cantle
  • Gullet Plate: Saddle comes with complimentary gullet plates ranging from Narrow - Wide.
  • Seat Size : 17

  • Additional Options:
  • Gullet Plate: Plates XW and XXW are provided at an extra charge of $10.00 each and fits seat sizes 14.5, 15, 15.5 only. Please click here to view the gullet plates.
Pricing: $2,495.00


Seat Size*:

Saddle Color*:

Seat Size: 17