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We’re not just all about saddles here at Ruby Roo – we’ll provide your young rider with added extras so that they have everything they need for the perfect ride. Once you have the pony and the saddle, there are still some other items that you’ll need to add to your riding kit. Find the perfect horse halter and lead rope to go along with the saddle you’ve chosen.

Pony Halters That Fit Your Style
When you need the perfect halter, check out our pony-size halters. These come in a variety of colors, including baby blue, pink, purple, and red. Whether you’re looking to match the color of the saddle you’ve chosen, or just want to get a halter in your child’s favorite color, we’ve got you covered. These halters are adjustable, making them the perfect option for your pony. For added comfort, the nylon halters come with embroidered pony's and synthetic fur padding.

Lead Ropes For You And Your Pony
The lead ropes are another aspect of horse riding, and we provide an array of different options for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a standard design or a multi-colored set, you can find the lead ropes you’re looking for. Our leads are made from the highest quality thermoplastic polymer, which allows for a strong and resilient lead.

You can match your lead rope to the halter color you choose, selecting from baby blue, pink, purple, or red. We also offer a multi-color option that features pink, lime, and yellow. Stand out from the crowd with a lead rope as fantastic as your young rider!

The ropes feel wonderful and stay very kind on the hands. You can spend a lot of time working with them and will feel little to no consequences from it all. Our ropes are 5/8" diameter and 9' length with a bull snap, making them the perfect size for your rider and pony.

We Know Exactly How Beginners Feel
As a young person looking to begin in the world of horse riding, your kids are going to want the best possible advantages. They’re also going to want to make sure they’re happy with what they’re doing. If you provide them with aesthetically pleasing halter and lead rope your young riders are going to be excited to get back in the saddle every time!
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Halters Halters

Product code: RR-FS-Halters
Halter Size: Adjustable

Price: $12.95
Lead Ropes Lead Ropes

Product code: RR-FS-Leadropes
Lead Rope Size: 15mm wide and 2 meters long

Price: $8.25
Lead Ropes Multi-Color Lead Rope

Product code: RR-FS-multicolorLeadropes
Lead Rope Size: 5/8" diameter and 9' length with a bull snap

Price: $8.25