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Stella - Ambassador from the USA

Hi, I’m Stella! I’m seven years old and my pony is a grey welsh mare named Tiger Lily. I’ve been riding for three years and compete in the hunter/jumper ring. Riding is my passion and I’ve never wanted to do anything else. My biggest accomplishment this year is winning Grand Champion at the World Equestrian Center. It was an AMAZING experience and one I will never forget. I hope one day I can be a professional show jumper. I love adventure, new challenges and meeting new friends at horse shows. 

Your Pal - Stella

Maria - Ambassador from the USA

Hi Everyone,

My name is Maria Rosol. I am 16 years old and live in Myrtle Beach SC. I have a lovely pony I just got last year named Cinnabon. We have been working a lot together and have improving every ride. I love to try different disciplines on Cinnabon but I have learned that she loves to jump. My parents have also just bought a barn last year and I am so excited to promote Ruby Roo Saddles there. Can not wait to see the many new adventures me and Cinnabon go on next. I am beyond grateful to be on the team!Your Friend - Maria

Your Pal - Yasmin

Hayden - Ambassador from the USA

Hi I'm Hayden I'm just 9 years old currently riding at the starter level In Eventing. I'm Also in the US Pony Club with D2 certification. I have been riding since I was just 4 years old. My passion is eventing, but I love to try new disciplines! And I'm Always up for any new adventures - I love GOING TO new places and Meeting new friendS.

Your Pal - Hayden

Yasmin - Ambassador from the United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

My name is Yasmin McNulty, I am a 10 year old rider. I have a beautiful pony called Lucky Star, he is a 12.2 British riding club pony and he is full of character. I love doing showing and dressage but also really enjoy jumping. This season we have moved up to prelim dressage tests as well as doing our first county / international show, which is really exciting and we can’t wait to progress further. Ruby Roo Saddles have become a big part of our day to day lives as well as helping us look beautiful when in the show ring. We are very proud to be representing Ruby Roo.

Your Pal - Yasmin

Gabi - Ambassador from the USA

Hello Everyone! My name is Gabi.  I'm an enthusiastic six year old equestrian living in Florida.  When I was two years old I road a pony for the first time.  I have gained confidence, patience and perseverance and the concept of responsibility.  My pony's name is Milan, he is a welsh pony cross.  He is one of the reasons my passion for riding keeps growing every day.  I'm so proud and grateful to represent Ruby Roo Saddles as an Ambassador.  Thank you Ruby Roo for supporting me and your equestrians around de world!  

Your Pal - Gabi

Taegan - Ambassador from the USA

Hi...I'm Taegan! I'm a 4 year old equestrian from Cleveland, Ohio. I currently have three spicy ponies: Holly, Bunny, and Sprinkles! I show in the walk/trot ground pole hunters.

I ride 4-6 days each week, and my favorite thing to do is canter! But mostly, I work on the basics. I am sooo excited to be a Ruby Roo Ambassador and love riding in Ruby's saddle.

Your Pal - Taegan

Freya - Ambassador from the United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Freya and I'm 5 years old. I live in Kent in the UK. My pony Fagin is a 13hh welshy, he is 11 years old is my real life unicorn. he's a bit big for me at the moment but he will last me a long time. I enjoy all different kinds of activities on Fagin but my favorite is jumping. when I'm not riding i'm catering around on my two feet, or building courses to jump with my dogs Teddy and Luna. I love riding in my Ruby Roo saddle and Fagin loves it too. I am so excited to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Ruby.

Your Pal - Freya

Dylan - Ambassador from the United Kingdom

Hello my name is Dylan I have just turned 6 and I’m so super proud to be a brand ambassador for Ruby Roo Saddles!!

I’m from Cambridgeshire in the UK and I have two super ponies Pepper and Inki! We are out and about with the ponies at least once a week and my favorite thing is to jump, I dream of being an event rider when I’m older.

I have an all purpose Ruby Roo saddle from the rainbow collection in my favorite color red! I love riding in my saddle and find its deep seat especially supportive for dressage work.

Your Pal - Dylan

Riley - Ambassador From the Netherlands

Hi, I am Riley and I am 6 years old.  I currently live in the Netherlands and I have been riding since I was
3-5 years of age.  I have several Welsh Ponies, and I love to compete in dressage competitions all the time.  I also love to jump from time to time and hack outside.  My goal is to be a dressage rider at the Olympics one day.

Your Pal - Riley

Fifi - Ambassador From USA

Hi! I’m Fifi, my real name is Sofia but everyone calls me ‘Fifi’. I’m 5 years old and I use to lived in Cadiz, Spain.  But now live in the USA in Florida.  I was born in Oxford, England and my Daddy is from Brazil and my Mummy is Italian and British! My pony’s name is Cinderella, ‘Cindy’, her show name is ‘Seaves Windy Day’. Cindy is a 12â€�2 (123cm) British Riding Pony. She is 12 years old. I have been riding since before I could properly walk! I got Cindy for my 3rd birthday and I will be 6 in May, so I’ve had her for nearly 3 years. Cindy is a super speedy, flashy little pony! We often place 1st at competitions because she’s super fast and I’m tiny, so we fly together! I compete across Andalucía in showjumping up to 60cm. At my last competition, I placed 2nd out of 30, everyone was much older than I am! I was very proud of myself, because the arena was very big and scary! I am so proud to be a Ruby Roo ambassador and can’t wait to show off my new saddle at the next competition.

Your Pal - Fifi


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