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Event Saddles That Are Perfect For Your Child’s Development!
Here, you can find an array of wonderful saddles that your kids can sink their teeth into. Our How high Can U Jump range offers beautifully crafted kid’s English jumping saddles for your young rider.

Your kids are going to feel comfortable when they get on their pony with plenty of contact and grip. They’ll receive a more secure feeling in a saddle that suits their biomechanics. These jumping saddles are wonderful for beginners and for those looking for their first experience.

Experience the broken-in feeling that allows your child to really learn the ropes and understand how everything works not only with riding, but also when learning to jump their pony. It’s really the perfect beginner saddle for confidence building.

The jumping saddles in this collection offer the wonderful design you know and love with Ruby Roo. It’s just a case of figuring out what suits your child the best and what they prefer the look of. For instance, if you opt for I Love My Pony, then you’ll be getting a tremendous saddle that suits a child looking to make their first steps into the world of horseback riding. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect saddle for your beginner pony rider.

When you choose an English jumping saddle from Ruby Roo, you know that you are getting quality workmanship and the safety of your child in mind. Our saddles are created with soft cowhide, allowing for a more comfortable ride, from the very first time. Your rider will experience a better grip and stronger contact than with other saddle types.

If your child is interested in jumping their pony, make sure that you get the best jumping saddle for kids that you can find. The right saddle allows for better balance and a proper seating posture, giving your child the confidence they need to make the jump properly. When you choose our jumping saddles, you get a shorter flap and more narrow seat, helping to give your child the right seat to perform with ease.

Having the right saddle size is an important piece of getting the perfect saddle for your young rider. The smaller seat size that we offer is specifically designed for children riding and jumping their pony. A properly-sized saddle gives safety and comfort to the riding experience.
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Pony Youth Eventing Monoflap Adjustable Jump Event Jumping Kids Youth Childrens Saddle Black Brown Unique Velcro Cantle Multicolor Joey Event Saddle

Product code: JES-joeyeventsaddle
Seat Size: 14.5, 15.5, 16.5


Pricing: $1,950.00